If you ever thought about how to stay healthy and run a successful business but still make time for your family here are some tips by Michael Eckerman.

Many of us have a narrow view of success. We look at monetary terms and compare ourselves to other people. Michael Eckerman says it is a combination of all moving parts that makes financial success possible. It isn’t just about having a successful company and making a lot of money. That would be impossible without a happy family and good health. At times it is a juggling act, compares Michael Eckerman. But in time you learn how to overcome obstacles quickly and learn from them. It is all about fine tuning.

  • The First step is vital! You need to define your life goals. You need to take your time and think about this move, don’t rush. Think about what you want for the next 10 or 20 years from your life, not just the next few months. Write down all of your thought. It will make you better both spiritually and professionally. Michael Eckerman strongly recommends that you take your time and carefully think what you want from life and not what others want for you. That is crucial. Be honest about yourself and your goals.
  • You have to flexible in life. That means that you need to have tolerance and patience. Not everything will fall into place the way you want it. Accept imperfection because perfection is impossible to achieve. Learn from your mistakes, steer through life and keep your sanity at all times. Never rush into anything, think before you act. Don’t drive yourself with negativity if sometimes doesn’t work out as you plan it. It is vital that you have discipline and maintain a cool head all of the time.
  • Be very careful when you read and listen. There are a lot of ideas out there and a lot of smart people who talk about them so listen carefully and pay attention. Only well read people are truly intelligent and brilliant. They collect all the bits and pieces and turn them into one great thought. They Are able to see solutions where no one else can because they are more objective. Knowing a wide variety of topics is imperative! If you have a bussy schedule you still need to find the time and read because if you don’t you will get stagnant fast. Pay attention to what people say, be a good listener. Reload your mind with fresh ideas whenever you can. Only by listening, you can propel yourself to the highest achievements possible.

It is also important to be careful about what you read, shares Michael Eckerman. Make sure that the things you absorb are worthy of taking space in your mind.