Have you ever wondered how some people get through a lot of tasks without even looking like they bother to do them hard? And you work, and however you do it you still can’t get half of your tasks done, and you are showing signs of being tired in your face, your speech, and your appearance. Michael Eckerman shares three tips on how to manage your time so that you are efficient and productive but still have an abundance of free time.

Michael Eckerman

The first step is to make an effective plan. Maximize your time by delegating your tasks. If you have two tasks than can be done at the same time combine them, advises Michael Eckerman. Be efficient, eliminate time wasting tasks or find another way of doing them. Plan out your schedule properly so that you know what is ahead. And be ready to make changes, juggling tasks is sometimes needed to be productive.

  • Having a good plan is imperative, says Michael Eckerman. It is all about proper planning and being able to easily switch tasks and be ready for something that can throw you off track and be able to get back on track quickly.


  • Being a good delegator is imperative if you want to succeed in managing your time properly.If your plan is going well you will find that you now have time to do other tasks which you didn’t plan for that time, and that will significantly increase your productivity, reminds Michael Eckerman.


  • Let others help you! You will overcome obstacles with more ease if you play as a team player. Some people find this hard and can’t do it easily, but keep in mind, it is better to let someone help you do something than not do it at all. Share tasks that you can’t do alone and can’t find time to do with others.This way you will have more time for those tasks that you need to do by yourself.

Let others take tasks that overwhelm you; it is a win-win for all. This leads to being a winner and team player, reminds Michael Eckerman.